LO.WHITE is an Italian footwear brand that concentrates all of its production in Tuscany, a region that historically holds a centuries-old tradition of manufacturing and footwear excellence. The brand has the certification that all the production steps are carried out in Italy, an added value that on site and abroad is assuming an essential importance for the customer looking for a shoe with guaranteed quality.

Sergio Tricomi

The company was born from the passion of the founder and owner Sergio Tricomi for the world of footwear and from the love for his children Lorenzo and Bianca, whose names thus generated LO.WHITE , an acronym created through the abbreviation of Lorenzo and transposition of the name Bianca in the English idiom, in Pistoia, the city where the owner has accumulated his almost forty years of experience in the world of footwear.

Challenge line

One of the pillars of the brand is the article 28030 from the Challenge line, which has now taken on an iconic role within the brand. Our Chukka boot is particularly appreciated for its versatility, being at ease with both a casual and formal look, synthesizing different needs and uses in a single shoe, proving to be the transposition of an elegant upper on a sporty sole. Another more recent line, but which is acquiring ever greater importance and resonance for our company, is the Joy line, a contemporary sneaker, a summary of classic and at the same time sporty characters, which does not present itself as a further saturation of this already existing market segment. widely tested as characterized by an innovative, clean and impactful design.

Discover all the colors

The company is also very present in the market of more constructed soles, which in this case form the City line, which ranges from leather soles to rubber and from more complex processes such as the " Goodyear " process to simpler processes such as the “blake” and “blake rapid”.

One of the essential prerogatives of LO.WHITE is the careful selection of materials, from leathers to chamois, chamois which are recognized as having the "waterproof" characteristic both in the summer and in the winter season, supplied by a leading Tuscan tanning company European in the treatment of scabs. Our frequent use of completely vegetable-tanned leathers, without chemical additives, is also highly appreciated, therefore processed with natural methods as per centuries-old tradition which give our footwear an even more artisanal and timeless flavor.

The “Fate a mano” branding is added to each single unit of ours, an eloquent wording but not negligible in explaining as in the many phases of product processing many steps are carried out completely by hand especially in the phase of the composition of the upper, which goes from cutting of the leather, the cutting of the lining, the stitching, the application of the reinforcement cloths.
In our case these steps are all carried out by hand while in many other less artisanal companies, even in the high segment, all these phases are performed mechanically.
Furthermore, part of the assembly is also done by hand with the aid of machinery.
The "Handmade" process culminates with the finishing and packaging phase.

LO.WHITE tries to serve the customer who aims at a refined and silent elegance , who requires practicality without having to give up his own style.